Vanessa Puleo of Led2Serve Invites Everyone To A Service Journey

led2serve, a thriving non-profit organization, is in it’s eighth year of providing middle and high school youth with fun and meaningful service mission journeys for their spring and fall breaks. Their trips combine rewarding service to others with an adventurous component to provide a well-rounded experience that is second to none.

Founded in 2009, led2serve was created to equip, inspire, and mobilize people to serve others locally, nationally, and through many regions of Costa Rica. “Engaging students at every grade level is something that changes their lives dramatically”, says Vanessa Puleo, Founder and Executive Director, “When a student engages in a life-changing serving opportunity during a class trip whether their sixth grade, or their senior year…something eventually clicks. They begin to see life, serving, fun and community blend as one. Eventually, they can envision incorporating a piece of serving into every place they travel.”

Service projects can range from building a ramp for the disabled, painting a school, or participating in an environmental clean up effort. Students then are able to balance their hard work by taking part in activities such as zip-lining, snorkeling, white water rafting and other fun and adventurous activities.

The team at led2serve has learned, over the years, the ability for young adults to serve and play together fosters a strong team spirit and support that is unrivaled. They customize trips whether the school sending their students is public or private, small groups or large. The goal is to create well designed partnerships that align with each specific class and goals. In fact, some classes will serve and play together during led2serve journeys for as many as five or six years in a row, allowing the students to continually strengthen and grow their interpersonal relationships with others over time and experience a truly rewarding time in their lives.

To request or discuss a customized Service Journey reach out either by email: or phone, (863)354-0137. You can also visit their web site to learn more.


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