Thiago Derucio 2006 Interview

Let me begin by saying, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule in doing this interview for your fans at! I believe you are our first Canadian based Freestyle Artist that we interview in the 7 years we have been on the net. We want to wish you much success in your career and with your debut album. Alright, Lets Do This!!
“It is an honor to be apart of this interview for freestyleMania! And of course being the first Canadian artist to be interviewed in 7 years that’s pretty amazing!! I’m looking forward to answering all your questions!”

Tell us, where were you born and raised?
I was born in Brazil Pernambuco Recief (to be a little more specific lol) and I am adopted into an Italian family and was brought to Canada and raised in the Italian culture. My mom is Molisana from Santo Stefano, Campobasso and my father is Calabrese from Malito Cosenza for those of you who are Italian you all know that being Calabrese means having a hard head and that shows through mine from time to time lol! I was raised Italian and I speak it fluently… It’s a whole little mix up that I have to explain from time to time but have no problem explaining it. Which is why a lot of people say I have that Hispanic look to me.

Its to our understanding you have an Italian descent. How does that part of your life fit in your music style?
What can I say? I LOVE being raised Italian lol I love the culture, I love the language I love everything about it! But how has it affected my music? I’m sure you all have heard of the “GUIDOS” haha Well my cousins were all Guido’s although here in Canada we call them “GINO’S” ok let me explain lol Guidos/Ginos are people who listen to freestyle and were just brought up in that era where freestyle was number one on everyone’s top 10 list! They were the guys that you would see with 60 pounds of hair gel in their hair (usually slicked back or worn curly, with leather jackets) Anyway because of the fact that all my cousins and family for that matter were freestyle fanatics I was brought up with the same thing.. I seriously wish I had pictures..there would be not be a time that I would go over one of my cousin’s house and you wouldn’t hear a freestyle song blasting in the background or in their cars.. they loved it and it grew on me as well. They would even go as far to slick my hair back with hair gel at the age of 4 and buy me little leather jackets and take me out with them lol It was pretty interesting. I try to keep a Latino and European style when it comes to my music. I’m not sure if that answers your question but I just thought it was funny lol.

Growing up, who were your influences (musically and non)?
When it comes to Freestyle I’d have to say that Stevie.B , Lil Suzy, Rockell, Elissa, Shannon, Zoë, Alexia Phillips , Kathy Phillips, Cynthia, Buffy, Collage.. I could go on and on but those are just to name a few. They were all major influences because they were the reason that I listened to freestyle in the first place. Looking outside of freestyle and into other genres of music I would have to say that my number one influence was Selena and that’s because she was a genuine artist who knew what she wanted and started off with nothing but reached her way to the top and that’s something that a lot of people should look at and admire because the music business is not easy but if you want it bad enough and you work hard enough you can make your dream into a reality. Unfortunately for Selena that wasn’t the case because she didn’t get to see that happen but the point is.. she made it and today is still recognized by millions and still respected by all and that to me is very important. Not only was she very vocally talented but she knew how to respect others how she wanted to be respected and really took the time for her fans and that’s something that a lot of celebrities these days don’t take the time for and to me that’s disgusting because if you really think about it (not that there is a lot to think about when it comes to this) but it’s is the fans that make you who you are and with out them you would be nothing.
Which is why I try my best to reply to everyone when I can  Non musically I would have to say that my parents have been my number one support through out this journey and have not let me down in anything that I wanted to do ever since I was a child and I really do thank them for that everyday. It’s important to have support from family and friends and that I can say that it’s something I’ve never had to worry about.

How did you get into Freestyle Music? Was it a form of music that you always listened to or was it more an avenue you found in taking your talents to the next level?
Freestyle has always been apart of me and it became me when I started singing it. A lot of people interpret freestyle as just a beat with words.. but it’s not just a beat with words it’s a melody that has meaning; it has soul and it sends a message to your heart, just listen carefully and you will see that freestyle can relate to you in so many ways. So the next time you listen to a freestyle song don’t just listen to the beat but listen to what the artist is trying to let you feel through their music.

How did you get involved with “The Return Of Planet Freestyle” project?
The Return Of Planet Freestyle that was an awesome time for me. Well I started working with ZOE who I’m sure most of you are very familiar with and she told me about a competition that was coming up for a new cd that was coming out in the summer and suggested that I should audition for it and of course I jumped at the occasion and auditioned! I was the most nervous wreck in the world haha you should have seen me I don’t think I had ever been so nervous to sing in front of any one in my life! I mean c’mon after doing so much research on producers and artists you become more aware of who everyone is and trust me I knew that Chris Phillips was no stranger to the music scene especially not the freestyle scene! So anyway I went and auditioned and I remember trying to think of a song to sing and so I chose Richard Marks “Right Here Waiting” you would think that for someone that was nervous I would choose an easier song but I guess I’ve always been one to challenge my self. Well with that song I got onto the Return of Planet Freestyle and recorded “NEXT TO YOU”.

Many people who have listened to freestyle for the past 15 years have become very familiar of who Chris Phillips is. But tell us in your own words, how is it work with this legendary artist/producer?
Working with Chris Phillips is amazing and I can say that loud and proud because you know what yes he is known and respected but not only that he is such an amazing person to work with. Like I said before.. at first I was nervous because I did not know what to expect but ever since Next To You was released I have continued to work with Chris. He is the type of person that doesn’t make you feel that your just yet another artist that’s attempting to break into the scene but he lets you feel that you are meant to be where you are. He has been another great support of mine and an amazing producer! I really enjoy working with Chris!

Your first single, “Next 2 You,” was one of the songs featured on the Planet Freestyle CD along with being featured on the Bangin Beats series. Was that the definitive track that solidified your stay in the freestyle genre? What does that song mean to you?
Next to you will always be one of my favorite songs of mine because it was my first single to ever be released. It was a gate way so to speak that lead me to record other freestyle songs. It brought a lot of success to my career and is continuing to do so. The whole process of the production of Next to you was fun it was my first single so I didn’t really know what to expect but the out come of it was amazing.

So 2003 came and “Next 2 U” came out with a bang. By the looks of it, this led to numerous performances around the world including in 2004. When did you begin work on the new album?
I had the amazing opportunity to tour many places with Next To You from the United States to Europe and South America! The most amazing part of it all was the artists and fans I got to meet along the way that really showed their appreciation to my music. To be honest I never thought that it would take off the way it did because even after it was released on Planet Freestyle the song still continued to soar in other countries and even today Next To You is still going strong in other parts of the world. The idea of an album did not come until a few years later. Although I was asked to prepare an album earlier I did not feel prepared enough to do it and I wanted to give the people that enjoy my music everything I had and at the time I didn’t feel ready to release it until last year where I decided to take action and give back to all the people who have supported me since day one.

How did the “new” album project come about?
I have been waiting and pondering about doing an album for awhile but I did not want to release something that was just done because everyone else is doing it. I though to my self that if I was going to record an album I would have to because I really wanted to do it and I wanted to release it when I was ready to. When I speak about being “ready” I mean being emotionally ready and most of all vocally ready. I have been training very hard along the side of recording artist Zoë since 2003 and I wanted to make sure that I was strong in all areas so that I would release something to the people that really meant something to me and would in return mean something to them.

You decided to do an array of music on that album, tell us about them?
There is a variety of genres featured on my album and that’s because I’m just not one to stick to one thing. Although freestyle is always in my heart I have to be honest and say that I’m the type of person that likes to challenge my self and try different things to see how it works out. In the end if it does not work out for me I can’t say that I didn’t try and I surly wont be sitting back and wondering “What if” although I wanted to release something to my fans that they would enjoy I also wanted to have fun with this album and try a variety of new things in the hopes that the people who listen to my music will enjoy some new material as well.

On the album, we have hard some hard hitting tracks featuring a certain young lady, tell us about her and How was it to work with her?
Ah yes the one and only Zoë. She has been my rock so to speak through out my whole career and has helped me out in so many ways. She started off as my “Vocal Teacher” but ended up being one of my best friends and sister figure. Working with her through out the years has been amazing and collaborating with her on the duets that are featured on my album was an honor. Being in the studio with her is hilarious. Although we are there to work we try to make the best out of everything and have some laughs lol. She is very talented and is working very hard on her music as well. By the way look out for her new album “My Story” which should be released this fall!

The freestyle world has labeled your music Freestyle along with Zoe and many other Canadian artists but yet we continue to see Trance and Euro Dance being mixed in your music. Do you think that is the “new” formula for freestyle?
I wouldn’t say that Trance and Euro Dance would be the new formula for Freestyle because as much as I love Trance and Euro it would never take the place of freestyle. Although some of my freestyle songs have some trance elements to it I just think it’s a new way of looking into things and spice things up for 2006. But to me Freestyle will always be freestyle.

Many have said that freestyle is dead. Do you think your music maybe the answer to its revivement?
For one thing I don’t believe that freestyle is dead at all. I think that for now it’s just sleeping and one day it will wake up and smell the coffee again ha-ha. There are many people that do know about freestyle but it’s all about promotion and getting the word back out there. The unfortunate part is that there are many new school artists that don’t get the credit they deserve. Promotion wise a lot of booking agencies are booking a lot of the classic artists but haven’t really taken a good look outside the box yet to see that there is other talent out there for the genre. I think it has to do more with acceptance then anything else. Would I consider my music the answer to the revivement of freestyle? I’m going to be very blunt and honest and say No because there are many talented artists out there and as a team maybe we can bring it back but only if we all work together because in unity we can do it all!

I call it “Freestyle Politics!” What do you think of the various opinions of freestyle (Ie. Canadian Freestyle, Euro Freestyle, NYC Freestyle, Bay Area Freestyle, Miami Freesytle). Is one form better than the other? What is freestyle to you? To many keep on debating this notion and when certain artists like yourself, a Canadian Artist, comes out with a new album, they get bashed instantly by the NYC kats because it does not sound like NYC Freestyle. In your opinion, How can Freestyle be just Freestyle?
Acceptance is the key. I don’t believe that one form of freestyle is better than the other. I believe that instead of people bickering and complaining about all these forms of freestyle that are out right now they should be happy that freestyle is even continued to be released by any one of these artists that are on the market right now. I’m the type of person that’s very honest so I will be honest when I say this. Many artists old school and new have the great potential to sing any other genre and would probably make it even further in this business then they would if they just stuck strictly to freestyle. But they do it because of the love and passion that they feel for freestyle only to be brought down and bashed by others. But it won’t and shouldn’t stop them from doing what they love. Don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I just stated mine but if some of these people who do bash think that what they are saying is going to make freestyle any better or make its popularity rise they are very wrong because if anything it’s only going to degrade it even more. Complaining and bashing wont resolve anything instead show some support to these artists that are still continuing to release music and work so hard to at least try to keep freestyle out there. Bottom line at the end of the day as long as I’m doing what I love and I know that I’m happy with it and that I’m sure at least a certain percentage of my fans are happy with it that’s all that really matters to me. Although I take everyone’s advice into consideration I also need to do what I have to do to make my self happy and the people who do appreciate my music happy.

Out of the entire album, what song to you stands out as one that holds to dear to your heart?
I would have to say that “Don’t Let Time” is the song that stands out right now and holds a place in my heart because it’s so true. Some of us take life for granted and don’t realize that our time here with our family and friends is marked like a ticking clock. We tend to believe that some things can just be handed to us and that we don’t have to work hard for what we have. Sometimes we hold things back that we really want so say to someone that we love and care about thinking that you can always tell them another day not realizing that there may not be another day. Life is a journey and unfortunately some times that journey can be cut short so live each day as if it were your last and if you love someone tell them you love them and never take anything you have for granted because remember there is always someone that has less than you or nothing at all. So don’t let time pass you by because you never know if you’ll get that second chance :) .

Is there a promotional tour planned for the album? Do you plan on hitting the states?
There is no promotional tour planned for the album as of yet! I am planning to come to the states soon and hopefully have a USA tour! But things are still up in the air right now and it’s really up to the people! So if you all want to see a Thiago Derucio Freestyle Concert call your local promotion/booking agencies and request REQUEST request! haha

So whats next? Any videos or guest appearances in any upcoming projects?
I am currently working on putting together a music video to promote the album a bit more and working on some new freestyle tracks to follow up with the album so stay tuned because I’m not finished yet! LOL

How can your fans contact you and more importantly, BUY THE ALBUM?
My fans can always contact me through my website which is or by email and they can purchase the album through my website as well  I also just recently signed up for myspace as well! It seems like everyone has one haha! So they can also add me to their friends list on there my URL is

So, tell us, what can your fans expect from this album if they decide to buy it?
A lot of music? LOL kidding Well with the album they will receive an autographed promotional photo of me. The album consists of Freestyle (of Course) among other genres!

If we were to go into your car right now, what would we find in your CD player?
Right now you would find an MP3 CD of about 104 freestyle songs! Lil Suzy- Take me in your arms was playing last night when I turned off my car lol If you live in Toronto and you see a guy in a silver Acura Rsx blasting freestyle it’s probably me! LOL and when I say blasting I MEAN loud.. one of these days I’m going to get stopped by the cops lol Hopefully they’ll like freestyle! Haha.

What do you think of the world of Freestyle on the net. Some say certain sites promote negativity to the genre by creating drama to new school and others say that if it weren’t for the net and web communities, freestyle would of truly died years ago and not giving the new school the chance that they have been given today, Your take?
The support online for freestyle is incredible and I have yet to see a website that promotes negativity to freestyle or anything of the sort. I think that it’s the online freestyle communities that really make a difference. Although on some of them are in different languages that I can’t understand and the only thing I understand is my name lol I think that these websites that promote freestyle the way they do are amazing and have truly helped not only freestyle but the artists as well! They truly deserve credit for all the hard work and dedication they put into their sites because believe it or not.. It’s not very easy to maintain a website updated when your very busy lol.

Is there anything you would like to express to the Freestyle Nation?
There are so many things that I can say but I think this interview has gone long enough and everyone is probably tired of reading my very long answers. I like to give it my all in everything I do even if it comes to an online interview. I think that connection between an artist and the fans is very important because as I said before the fans are who make you who you are. I’m going to be honest (again) when I say this that it is all of you who have supported me since day one and still continue to do so that have made me who I am today and for this I thank you! Seeing you all sing along to my music at concerts and all the e-mails and messages I get every day make me continue what I love to do even more! Never give up on your dreams and always believe that there is a plan for you don’t ever let any one bring you down and if it happens that one day you do feel down just bring your self right up again and tell your self “I can do this”. Always have faith in who you are because if you don’t have faith in your self don’t expect any one else to have faith for you and work your hardest to make your dreams a reality! I want to thank Luis and all the Freestylemania crew for all your love and support it is greatly appreciated! This interview has been fun and I hope you all learned more about me! I hope to meet you all one day at one of my shows take care and I’ll always be “NEXT TO YOU!”.

Thiago, thank you for this insight in your music and career. We wish you the best and can always count on us, we are just a Holla away. Peace – FM.


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