Nyasia New Music

Nyasia, “This Is Me” (due out mid March.)

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01- Now & Forever (REMIX)
02- 99 1/2 (ft. Wendy)
03- Broken Heart (ft. Pure Pleazure)
04- Tell Me Again 05- I Don’t Want Your Love
06- Betray
07- Who’s …Got Your Love (REMIX)
08- Taking Back
09- Rectify Our Love
10- Physical Attraction (REMIX)
11- Please Don’t Wake Me
12- Broken Heart (BrEakAtoN Mix)

13- Forever 1
14- Forever 2
15- Wake Me
16- Betrayed OUTTAKES
17- KelliRose sings for Nyasia
18- Freestyle Industry Showing Love & Support

Production/writing/vocal talent by:

Safire, Kenny Diaz, Pompeo Messano, Wendy, Heartbrake, Mike Ferullo, Anthony Ponzio, Rob Federici, Jonelle, Edwim Ramos, Pure Pleazure, Nu Image, Ayna, Vanessa Conde, Julio Mena, Carlos Berrios, Ron Esco, Benjamin Ferrer & others.

The album has many brand new tracks, 2 duets, 2 remixes of her classic’s & an unbelievable classic throwback from 1984.
Genres include Dance, Freestyle & Pop. This album is Nyasia. Its personal and its for her FANS.


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