Noel shocked at 25th Anniversary of Freestyle Music Concert

On November 6th, 2010, freestyle had another big celebration to put under its belt – 25 years of it being in the industry.  At Altantic City’s Taj Mahal, every freestyle legend known performed at this venue and no “question” (no pun intended, lol) Noel was part of this line up.  As so many times before, he got on stage and performed his timeless classics bringing the crowd to their needs with great memories and good times.  During his performance of “The Question” Noel got a suprise of his lifetime.  His 2 daughters of whom he had not seen in 7 years decided to surprise their famous dad as his back up dancers.  See this heart felt reunion and witness the beautiful art of how freestyle brings happiness to everyone…even to the singers themselves.

Noel sings to his girls, “Silent Morning.”


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