Manny Stylz New Music

Check out A snip of the upcoming HIT, “You Are” by Manny Stylez produced by Rick Savage.

About Manny:

Manny Stylez, singer, songwriter and one of the most diverse and unique artist in the music industry has performed in some of the biggest events and clubs in the world, including the world famous Copacabana and Latin Quarters (New York City) His songs have been featured on major radio stations including 103.5 WKTU FM, Party 105.3 FM in New York, La Kalle in Chicago, Hot 93.7 in Connecticut and Hot 93 in Portland Oregon, where his song “Be My Lady” reached number one on the charts. His musical journey began while studying music in the prestigious Music Conservatory of San Juan, Puerto Rico. His smooth voice and lyrics, which have been featured on albums distributed worldwide, have touched the lives of many fans all over the world. He has appeared in articles in magazines such as Dance Music Authority,(DMA) Groove Magazine and Latino Voice Magazine. He continues to work and release new music album with some of the most talented producers in the world, including Rick Savage and to perform, captivating audiences all over the world.

Manny Stylez is also a partner of a record label called Digital Track Productions with producer Rick Savage and together they write and produce songs for other artists, which include the songs “Sometimes Love Is Not Enough” by Philip Anthony and “Stronger Than Before” by Pure Trend. Both songs are available for purchase on Itnes, Napster, and almost any online store where music is available for digital download.


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