Johnny O 2006 Interview

1) Sounds like you been a busy man, lately, Madison Square, etc and now preparing for a HUGE concert in Orlando……how do you do it? How was the crowd’s reaction at Madison Square Garden? I heard it was huge!
It has been an amazing experience, in both arenas…and many more to come! The love of the people and their passion is now clear for all to see that thousands love freestyle and want it back on mainstream radio and they are wanting more from all the artists. The reaction was the same in every arena, comments like “you bring back memories,” and “ I wish this would continue,” and so much more!

2) So, with the huge success of Madison Square and with the other venues around the country selling out, do you think this is the year for freestyle?
I think this is an opportunity for freestyle to begin its surface appearance again in the face of haters and mockers in this industry. To show that people are tired of songs that hurt moral and cultural stands between people. I heard this statement time and time again that our music was before its time. And now more than ever here we have an opportunity to share our music again to our fans and their children who grow up listening to our music. The future is what you make of it and I for one am going to try and make the best of it! Freestyle Lives!

3) So, its been a few years since FM last interviewed you…”Sounds Of My Heart” album – Man, does time fly! You have been busy in between that, a new album we hear?
Well here we go again, one more time. It is a wonderful project that I think is going to impact this industry and move people to buy this project because of many factors.

4) How did the album materialize (the story behind it)? Whats the name of it?
The new album is called “Peace On Earth.” Well with everything that is happening in the world and the knowledge that I have regarding prophecy. I know that peace is not in the horizon to soon. In fact I believe the more difficult times are headed our way, which will engulf the entire world in making decisions very soon. With this in mind, I wanted to create an album which spoke to the heart of an individual and help mend pains and misunderstandings. “Peace On Earth” is a powerful project.

5)What can we expect from this album (ie. freestyle, techno, trance)?
Well we have the next level in freestyle I believe, also dance and a mix of Reggeaton mixed with freestyle. A perfect blend and man your going to love it! We also have only two of my song in the past remixed because I wanted to present new music not a remix album again. But one thing I want to do was become an innovator in the project and introduce my new style of singing and vocal arrangements and I believe I have achieved that goal. I’ve only been vocal training hard for the last 8 years! And of course I have trained vocally in the past but I must thank my pastors for their determination in my life in believing I had much more to give!

6) Did you have creative control on this album (ie. songwriting, productions,etc)?
Big time, of course everyone contributed their ideas and changes. But I wrote all the songs and arranged them in their finished tracks. This has been an experience I will not forget. And they sound great. Every track and you know because you heard one or two of them sound special and unique. This project is going to make people sit up in amazement.

7) Who are the 2 kats behind the production? Tell us about them and how they are part of the Johnny O “Gospel Freestyle” formula (the story behind them including history of the “Sounds of my Heart”?
Tanassi of Apollo Entertainment and TC a wonderful partner of Tanassi in the projects and powerful musician. In my heart I know they are talented and have tremendous ideas for the future of freestyle. For me it doesn’t matter that they are from Germany; but, rather that they love freestyle and know freestyle and in my opinion freestyle is worldwide. They had their hand in the Sounds of my heart in track 4 “I’m so in Love, ” which happens to be the one track every freestyler loved! Tanassi and TC produced the track and I wrote the song! We made beautiful music together!

8) How do you compare this album from your previous ones? Would you say its your best work yet? Do we have a “Fantasy Girl” classic type song waiting to explode out of this album?
This is a comment from my manager, Jeanette who said and I quote “this is the best you’ve ever done!” unquote. Tanassi said in the studio, “Johnny every song has the potential to become a single.” One promoter said to me “are you ready for this album?” I thought he did like it but it was the opposite he was preparing me for the future of success. You cannot compare but the distinctive style and one of a kind singing that I am known for… My new style is going to make people love this album. There are only a handful of artists that hold a distinctive sound and I am one of them! My goal is to become a goal setter and I believe we have something here.

9) Is there a specific song that stands out to you as being more than special?
You know I want to say yes, but after showing the album to so many people and now investors opinions are across the board. They all love many if not every song. But some love “Scream,” others love “Illusions” still others love “Heavensent and I’m blessed,” I mean wow I am loving the reaction. And they all are not putting any track down but rather actually enthusiastic about the future response and reporting about this powerful project called “Peace On Earth.”

10) When can we expect this album to be released? Will it be released in the U.S/Canada/Europe? Will we possibly see it in major retailers?
Mixing is almost done, we are in the talking stage. So no release date to mention. But please keep us in your prayers that Gods blessings fall on us, with regard to the right investors and promoters.

11) Do we have any collaborations on this album? Is there a certain young lady you like to talk about?
Why yes, there are some surprises like my daughter, Athena, is singing with me on “Scream,” and she sounds incredible also all of my family joined in on many projects to help elevated this mega hit album. I also have duet on the album and new rap stars also join in like General Victor and Nickie Daniels. This album is about the people. And this time they (the people) are going to feel it, and love it!

12) Do you think with the recent release of your previous albums from your former label, Mic Mac, will directly compete with your new album due out later on this summer? Are you concerned from a marketing perceptive that these releases will over shadow your new album or do you see it as a great tool to re-expose your name out to the masses?
One word “promotions”….the more my name gets out the better. Because I am not doing a remix album I am done with that. This is new music and powerful songs. And the more the merrier.

13) Johnny, you shared with me over the phone a few tracks off of the Peace On Earth Album, one particular song seems to stand out, “Scream,” No doubt, in our mind, its definitely going to be the “fire” track that freestyle has been needing. I your own words, tell us about it?
Its about leadership and in my heart you can’t hit a homerun unless you get on base and prepare for the future. I might strike out once or twice but then one day I might hit a homerun and “Scream” is my homerun for freestyle. But now after showing the album to many people has I mentioned before. People are telling me “Johnny you have many homeruns in your new album.” And they are right, because I have one song dedicated to people who lost love ones because of Cancer and Aids. And other song for depression, still other songs about spirituality and hope! So this album is more than what meets the eye. It has many potential hits.

14) It was widely known that after the Sounds Of My Heart album, there was tension between you and your label, ZYX. Has that now been settled and are you guys in business together again? How is the relationship now?
We are just fine, but time will tell where we are going with this project for Europe. For America, Canada, I am looking for investors and opening up my own label!

15) Is there a promotional tour being planned for the album through your label or are you going independently through promoters?
Both we are going to have many record release parties, and promoters who believe in this project jump on the bandwagon and help me promote this album.

16) So, we hear you are doing the MYSPACE thing! Isn’t it a great marketing tool. Is that where you will doing most of your communication with your fans going forward or are you going to continue to promote via,
Both because I am sharing information on both sites, the is going under construction very soon. To updated it and make it simpler for fans and friends., is where everyone is going to speak with me and laugh and be informed. Also I have a new radio show starting May 28th on Sunday called “Johnny O Freestyle Gospel show.” This is going to be a time of fellowship and teaching! Location is go to Laradio and click there.

17) Johnny, you have fans all over the world reading this interview, Is there anything specific you would like to tell them?
Hang on Johnny O is here to stay! This is going to be the best album yet! God bless you all and I love you all. From my family to yours…..johnny O

Johnny, take care and give our “hellos” to the family!

Johnny O & forged a friendship years ago. For those of you who only know Johnny as the artist, let me tell you, he is a great person as well. We will never forget the day we first met Johnny at the Pepsi Si Summer Jam in 2001 and how he represented FreestyleMania on numerous occasions during that concert – he is a caring giving person and its evident in his music; more specifically, in his new album!We want to thank Johnny for taking the time out on a late Thursday night in doing this interview! On behalf of all his fans, we thank you Johnny for doing what you do and creating music that has always touched our hearts and continues do so in 2006. We wish you well and can always count on your fans and!


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