Johnny O 2003 Interview

So Johnny, the last time
Freestylemania talked to you was on our last interview with you prior
to the release of your album, Sounds of My Heart, in early 2002. Tell
us what you have been doing?Well at this very moment my career is making people rethink their
opinions about me! In Europe they have embraced me with open arms, the
shock of seeing my performance and charisma that I project, has captivated
their hearts. Back home in America my main purpose is to break the shackles
off my feet, and to reveal to my homeland I am more than what meets the
eye? And with this album I am achieving that goal. I have and will continue
to promote “The Sounds of My Heart,” my latest new album as
my master piece, musical art.

You recently finished up a performance at Parti
Gras in Exit NYC. How was the experience for you? With the success of
that concert, do you feel freestyle still burns in the hearts of many?

it was incredible it reminded me of the glory days of Freestyle,
to see all those screaming fans and knowing that they consist of all
ages is a realty that I am so appreciative of. The night it self was
a dream, the energy, excitement, support, fans, friends and performers
it was fabulous. Louie, that night opened my eyes to the possibility
that it is going to all start all over again, but this time it going
to be very different. I’m going to do it right!

To The Fans

Johnny O Message

Its my understanding that you
have been touring in Germany at various venues……how has that
been and what do the Europeans think of your new music?There is a total acceptance and an enthusiastic atmosphere
about my return and future. To my understanding I am looking forward
to an exciting and adventurous career in Europe. They know and love
my music very well. And so far the reports regarding the reviews
about my new album have been awesome! So it’s going to take
time but I am confident about the future, you must understand that
it is easier to present new material out in Europe because they
are very open and supportive with regards to my musical career because
they haven’t experience my presentation and performance.

The new song “Take Me through
the Night” is being released now in the US. Tell us what we
can expect from this new single?

A lot of noise, positive reviews, huge support, surprising
radio ads, and just an over all shock from the industry. I love
this song because it speaks about more than just love; it speaks
about hope after a tragedy, I keep the message clear and present
because in today’s world we need support and guidance and
that is what this record reveals. Recorded and mixed at Mabu’s
Tonstudio in Germany, vocals by the one and only (me), written by
Kisitu, David / Spirakos, Thomas / Boulaghmal, Ismail, plus special
mixes by Robbie (Rave mix)/ and Tanassi Koulids / Theo “T.C.”
Chalkias (Freestyle mix), this one is sending a message of hope
to world in need and with us being at war a positive message will
be accepted quicker than just any other message.

Now in our last interview, you stated that
you would be doing tours promoting your Sounds of My Heart LP and
that you would be doing European and US tours. Since you are now back
from your recent European Tour will you be now concentrating on doing
a US national tour promoting the new single and album?Presently I am touring and promoting in Germany, Canada and
America my latest single “Take Me through the Night,”
found in his latest album “The Sounds of My Heart.” This
new single is making people sit up and listen; the future looks bright
for my career. The album is promoting its self in the respect that;
the more fans get to hear the material found on the album they are
spreading the word out to other fans and industry leaders! Of course
there is a huge campaign for my latest album, but the word out on
the street is “Look out for this album it looks like a platinum

Now Johnny, I know that your single, “So
in Love,” which I have to say is a very awesome song was produced
by Tanassi Koulids. Is he behind “Take Me Through the Night?”
Or do you have a different production team? Who is behind this single
(writers, producers, engineers, etc)?

Tanassi did have the opportunity to create a great Freestyle
mix for the new single “Take Me through the Night.” But
the funny thing is that everyone that has heard the album or has seen
me perform “I’m so in Love,” have commented that
the moment that song is pressed of sale and promotions that this particular
song is going to be a number one chart buster. Cynthia my dream girl
has commented that she loves when I perform that song. She loves that
song? The heavy hits behind “Take Me through the night”
are…recorded and mixed at Mabu’s Tonstudio in Germany,
vocals by the one and only (me), written by Kisitu, David / Spirakos,
Thomas / Boulaghmal, Ismail, plus special mixes by Robbie (Rave mix)/
and Tanassi Koulids / Theo “T.C.” Chalkias (Freestyle

I know your album was available
on various online stores including Tower and LawTown Music.
Will your new single be nationally distributed and picked up by major
retailers like Tower Records? Where can we pick up a copy of your
new single?For an autograph copy send your name and address to
then I will send you information on what is the cost and how long
for shipping. For purchasing go to for Album and single
information, according to ZYX Records Europe is selling it in their
local Music stores but America their still working with Tower, HMV
and a few others just ask for the single and Album “The Sounds
of My Heart,” by Johnny O.

Since our last interview in Feb of 2002, you
were in the process of seeking new management with the help of your
wife. Tell us who have you recruited to help you with promotions and
management? And how can a venue contact them wishing to inquire information
on Johnny O, bookings and the new single?

Well on the Management side we have the undefeated, undisputable
tag team champions of Sal Bonaventura and Sal Abbatiello; formally
of Panic Productions and Fever Management. Two wonderful people who
are walking libraries at heart about this industry of music, for bookings
email Sal B. at SALBMUSIC@AOL.COM this is a direct email for information.My
web site is up and running? Just log onto for the
latest information on tours and events with regards to my career?

Johnny, you have been in this business now
since August of 1988. What direction do you see Johnny O heading in
2003 and on. Will it be freestyle or more a target into the POP market
with some freestyle and dance influence?

Let me set it up for you, it was agreed in Germany that because
of my talented ability to expand my horizons to venture into different
styles of music say like, House, Pop, R&B and many other formats.
This allowed me the freedom with permission by the label to produce
different style’s of music on the album, yet at the same time
not forgetting his original fans which had faithfully supported my
career and would continue that same support till today. Thus was born
my latest master piece “The Sounds of My Heart.” This
unique album speaks to the heart on issues and expresses the love
of purity. There are many wonderful people behind this master piece
and support for this album, but its inception has spark a renew sense
of confidence and hope for an industry that was once believed to be
dead. It has Freestyle, Pop, R&B, Dance and this is just to name
a few, each track complements each other and speaks of different issues.
Everyone who has received my album agrees that this is a well produced
and sensational musical art piece.

Well having that said, is there anything you
wantto say or express to the FM readers and to your fans?

I would like to ask for all your support FM, because it takes
team work to make this happen. And I need your help call your local
Radio Stations and request the New single by Johnny O “Take
Me Through the Night” found on the new album “The Sounds
of My heart” by Johnny O on ZYX Records. Please I need you help
collectively if we join forces we can make a difference in this new
opportunity being presented today. But with all our help we can make
a difference. Please call your local Radio Stations and request “Take
Me through the Night” thank you for all your support, with love
always Johnny O.

Thank you Johnny for doing this interview
with FREESTYLEMANIA.COM and know that we wish you the best and will
always have our support.

Louie, thank you and thank you FM. Please one last thing is pray for
our troops out in the Middle East. They all need our prayers and support.
God Bless you all. With love Johnny O


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