Great to be here

hey everybody. Turn back the Clock to 1988. That was my foreign exchange year in Clearwater, Florida and my that was the time when I lost my heart to Freestyle. Looking forward to get the news about Stevie B, George Lamond or Sweet Sensation. You guys are lucky – you still got the concerts you can go to. I live a little far away for that :o ((

Freestye For Life


About DJ Dynamic D

Just love the Old School and still dream about my exchange year in Clearwater Florida in 88. Countryside Highschool Pride. I just moved to a new house one year ago and what I got in the basement ? 2 Technics Direct Drive Turn Tables and tons of Latin Freestyle 12 inch records. So I got me some of todays DJ Equipment as well and since then I just feel like I am in Miami Vice :o)) I started to mix the stuff and had so much fun, that I put the mixes online on youtube. Now I chat around with the people that know what bad ass music is and they know, that Stevie B and George Lamond are the Freestyle Kings :o)