Freestyle’s Best Extended Versions Vol. 5

Cutting Records announces the newest release of its successful “Freestyle” series to drop this fall.  Freestyle’s Best Extended Versions Vol. 5 follows its predecessors with the fifth installment of this classic series of freestyle hits.  As with volumes 1 thru 4, all of the tracks included have never been available in their full unedited form on any other cd compilation or download.

Freestyle’s Best Extended Versions Vol. 5 is a single set cd containing the timeless hits “The Way She Moves” by The Latin Rascals,  Giggles’ “Memories Of Love”, Sam Savon’s “You” and “One Night With You” by freestyle legend Coro, totaling 11 titles in all and well over an hour of music.  Thanks in part to the burgeoning streaming of music on the internet coupled with music stations that…

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The legendary label that brought you the illest hip hop, dance and freestyle tracks from back and the day is back showcasing some of yesterday’s classics but with the extended versions.  If you are a freestyle fan, you must get this album!!  Log into itunes and purchase it today!

Freestyle Vol5 Extended Track List

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