Freestyle Universe Blasts Off

Message from Swins himself….

Hello everyone. I am Swins Fontenelle from Freestyle Universe on and as I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving I’d like to encourage all of you to join Freestyle Universe as we are much more than just a group on facebook but more of an organization/movement that really gets out there and supports not only the freestyle artists, producers, labels and venues but the websites, radio shows and the community as a whole! Here’s a link to the group and I hope that you will check it out and join today:

You can also check us out on Thursday, November 18th at 8:00 pm on as we bring Freestyle Universe to the Aurelia Show again on Time Warner Cable in NYC (for those of you who aren’t in New York you can view the show on livestream). On December 2nd The Best Of Freestyle Universe Performances debuts on the big screen at the Bellmore movies in Bellmore, New York.

This will be a red carpet media event and will include out-takes of some of the very best performances by all of the various freestyle artists we’ve had on the show as well as interview with some of the top producers: Carlos Berrios, Sal Abbatiello, MKG and more! If that wasn’t enough; I am proud to announce that Michaela Radio will have its first Freestyle Universe night on Monday, December 6th on with a whole list of artist interviews and fun! I almost forgot to mention that you can check out all the freestyle fun via my online photo albums at

I just put up new pics from the Freestyle Tribute to Wickett (Justin Davilla) that took place at Nine Lounge in Maspeth, Queens on Sunday, November 14th. At Freestyle Universe we’re doing all we can to put that Freestyle word out to you and the world!!”


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