Freestyle, A State Of Mind

So, why is freestyle so important to alot of people? This is the question that many of our friends and co-workers ask me. Its a question that is hard to answer. Its like asking a person who loves baseball to please explain why he would sell his jewelry to get yankee tickets and then trying to explain that to a person who cares less about baseball.

Freestyle to me and to what I imagine for many who love this music is something that runs special within their hearts. Freestyle came out during a time when music was lacking heart felt upbeat music (85-92) and for many of us ages 35-45, this was our time during our HS and Junior HS youth. It was the time where we had our first crushes, our first HS dances, our first Loves and yes, our FIRST times. Freestyle got us through those times and allowed us to express our emotions in different ways.

So, when I listen to Information Society’s “Running,” it brings me back to when I went through a break up and how to best deal with it. To piggy back on that, then listening to “Dreamboy/Dreamgirl” by Johnny O & Cynthia was the perfect remedy when you found that love once again. Finally, listening to TKA or GT at the club or at a house party, brings back the memories of old school dancing, having fun with friends and just haveing a great time on the weekends.

So the questions comes back, “why is freestyle important?’ – THATS WHY!!! Anybody think differently?


About freestylemania

Freestyle fan since day 1. I started back in 1997 but finally got a real looking website in 1999 and have never stopped since.