Frankie J pays homage to Stevie B

It is no secret that Frankie J grew up listening to freestyle music. In his own biography, he states that George Lamond and Stevie B were both his idols when he grew up and studied their craft and music. He later entered in the arena as a freestyle artist under the Ventura Records label in Canada as “Frankie Boy” and released several freestyle tracks such as “Precious Love.” Well, since then, we all know he blew up in the R&B world dominating the billboard charts. But after all that success, he still remembers his idols and roots and pays homage to the freestyle king himself, Stevie B, with the dance club track, “I wanna be the one.” This is Stevie B’s second remake by a big star. Back in 2007, Stevie B and Pitbull teamed up together to re-release Spring Love titled, “Spring Love 2007.” For all you Frankie J & Stevie B Fans, here you go…enjoy.


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