FM History started back as a concept in 1997 as a noticing demand of Freestyle Music was evident as the resurgence of dance music had once again hit the Top 40. With the introduction of Trance and other forms of Dance in the late 1990s, it was our plan to re-introduce the dance community to the art of Freestyle Dance Music. With that said, we realized there still was a market for Freestyle Music, its enterprise and its willingness of its fan to never allow it to die. After many failed attempts, we formalized in 1999 by founding member, Luis Campos, and contributing partner, Mario Marroquinn. We formally were introduced to the freestyle scene on January of 2000 and slowly began networking and cultivating our presence.

Since then, we have made many industry relationships shaping ourselves as one of the pioneering websites in this genre of music. We have been featured in many trade publications such as DMA Magazine and Groove Magazine on numerous occassions. We have also been feautured on the BAD BOY CD volume series 3-5 and can find our site name on back of the CD covers. In addition, we have done many music promotions for record labels and artists such as Johnny O, Stevie B, Noel, TKA, Information Society, MicMac Records, HighPower Records and Tommy Boy Records, just to name a few.

Our services provide a direct outlet from Aritst to Fan. We have cultivated our services from a broad range that include paid services such as FULL artist and record label promotion, direct mail marketing, banner promotion and merchandise sales and also offer FREE select promotion that include basic artist and record label promotion. We have evolved as a premier site for all dance music fans alike with the introduction of “Mania Vibe” in 2005 as an outlet for other forms of music that inlcude Trance, House and POP.

In mid 2008, we reached a mile stone in reaching over 1 million hits a month.  But we didn’t stop there!!!  For the past 3 years, this site has gone through many changes and upgrades.  We have turned our website into a social network where members can sign up and contribute feedback on our posts and share with us any upcoming news via our “contact” section.  We have entered WEB 2.o with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube just to name a few.  Our mission and purpose is to bring back the beautiful memories of freestyle to all of its fans worldwide!

About the Author

avatar Freestyle fan since day 1. I started back in 1997 but finally got a real looking website in 1999 and have never stopped since.