Ferry Corsten presents ‘Once Upon a Night

Ferry Corsten presents the North American launch of Once Upon A Night: The Experience, powered by Made Event featuring Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, Solar Stone, and Sied van Riel at Karu & Y, Miami on Saturday, March 27th, 2010.

It’s easy to get excessive when talking about DJs, but with dance music veteran, trance hero, and 2010 IDMA Best European DJ nominee Ferry Corsten, the facts speak for themselves. The accolades and awards he has received for his productions, remixes, and DJ skills have resulted in Ferry being voted as one of the Top 10 DJs in the world by DJ Magazine for almost a decade. Since his immersion on the scene, the Dutch musician has amassed best-selling albums and nearly a dozen gold singles. He also maintains a worldwide tour schedule which, on any given weekend, brings him to all corners of the globe. His albums, remixes, and singles reach iconic status almost immediately upon release as such iconic tracks as “Made of Love”, “Punk”, “Gouryella”, and “Out of the Blue” can prove. In March 2010, Ferry is set to launch a brand new compilation series entitled “Once Upon A Night”, as well as its accompanying concert experience. All the while, Ferry’s “Corsten’s Countdown” show is broadcast on Sirius XM Radio weekly on Wednesdays at 9pm ET gaining an IDMA nomination for Best Radio Mix Show.

Ferry Corsten’s brand new tour concept: Once Upon A Night: The Experience is designed as a 6 hour interactive journey in 3 parts (sunset, night and sunrise), the show highlights the magic of the compilation visualized by a never before seen living backdrop. Ferry will be accompanied by German trance veterans Cosmic Gate, melodic trance pioneer Solar Stone, and new superstar Sied van Riel who will lead the audience into the night. The interactive combination of sound and visuals will take the audience on a complete sensory experience with state-of-the-art production techniques – emulating sunset to sunrise; from dusk ‘til dawn; pre-party through after-party. Once Upon A Night: The Experience will be an amazing indulgence of the senses never before seen in a DJ performance.

Listen to Corsten’s Countdown – HERE. A preview of Once Upon A Night can be heard in a very special episode on March 17th.


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