BadBoy Joe CD Series (2002)

Bad Boy Joe is quickly becoming one of New York’s most sought after mix DJ/Producers. Born in Brooklyn, Joe was heavily influenced by freestyle’s latin rhythms and the soulful sounds of disco & house music. His early inspiration came from the world famous Latin Rascals and Chep Nunez. “I purchased my first turntables back in ’88….a pair of 1200′s and a mixer from by buddy who need the money for his wedding.

I just started playing around making mix tapes for friends and the nex thing I knew, I bought a used reel to reel, some razor blades and tons of scotch tape and I just started trying to do what Chep Nunez, Tony Moran and Albert Cabrera did.” After countless hours behind the turntables, and more than a decade perfecting his unique “High-Energy” style of multi-editing, Bad Boy Joe has given up the razor blades in favor of a Mac G4 and a full fledged digital recording studio.

Although he continues to do numerous mixes for WKTU 103.5fm in NYC, Joe’s latest and most successful project to date is his collaboration with Louie DeVito & Elastik Recordings. This Teaming up of two incredible talents has led to the unprecedented success of “The NYC Underground Party Vol. II” CD.

Both Volumes have quickly leaped to the top of Billboard’s dance album chart, surpassing the sales in NYC of most major label releases across the board. Both Joe & Louie have sold in excess of 500,000 units….featuring such current club smashes like: “To Be Able To Love” – Jessica Folker, “Without You” – Rich Luzzi & “Derb.”

Now Bad Boy Joe is taking his skills to the next level. His new label, What If Productions, will take you back to when dance music was new. “I’m gonna do what no major label has done before. Dance music was not meant to be heard one song at a time!! I’m gonna pound the dancefloors and your car stereos with a non-stop, continuous wave of monster hits!!” Over the course of the next several years, BAD BOY JOE made dozens of appearances in nightclubs and music & electronics retail stores in the northeast to promote his next upcoming releases that include Bad Boy Joe Megamix 3-5, After Dark & House Mix. 

With more than 10 years in the biz, Bad Boy Joe is one of the most respected DJs out there today!!


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