Angel Gonzalez Interview 2012

Angel Gonzalez is an extremely talented Freestyle, Pop and R&B singer who has opened up for the King of Freestyle, Johnny O, Judy Torres and many more. His music brings you back to the wondrous mid 1980’s where nothing mattered but music and love. From Texas …… Here is Angel…

When did you start singing?

At the age of ten, but I didn’t pursue anything until the age of 21?

What did your family do to encourage you?

The let me know that anything is possible and if I work hard, dreams come true.

Where did your life change at age 21 that made you pursue a musical career?

I was always into Freestyle and Latin Hip Hop and I felt I had an ability to write. I made my first song which is called “Falling Star” which was released with another on a Freestyle fusion compilation. That was my first appearance for any kind of music.  I was working with the Klub Jumpers.

Is anyone in your family musically inclined also?

My grandmother can sing. She has a beautiful voice. I would always hear her sing when I was younger. It was inspiring. I was also inspired by Selena Quintanilla and Angel from cover girls, Judy Torres and many more.

Do you play any instruments?


You are opening up for a lot of my favorite people I see!

Two years ago I opened up for Johnny O.  I couldn’t believe I had the honor to be on the same stage as him. I also opened for Cynthia and then for Judy Torres. That was just like “Oh Wow!” I am opening up for Lisette Melendez and Angel from the Cover Girls also.

How many recorded songs do you have?

A full album is done although I haven’t released the full thing. I am working on my second album. Both are in English and in Spanish.

Is there a genre of music that you enjoy listening to outside of the genre you sing?

Yes. I am doing Freestyle, R and B and Pop music all in one on my second album. I am hoping it is done in August. We are being played in Brazil on the top 98.7 countdown.  I appreciate everything. It is taking me by surprise.

Have you had any celebrity crushes?

Angel from the Cover Girls has been a crush. It’s like a dream come true to open for her. Jennifer Lopez  also and Michelle Rodriquez, who is an actress.

What are five things that you cannot live without?

My family, my music, pizza, the support from all the people out there and mostly, my dogs.

If you were singing Karaoke in a bar, what would we hear you singing?

Anything by Stevie B and “More than Words” by Extreme.

A little note from Angel:

I would like to thank all the DJ’s from all around and the Freestyle groups in Face book, Vic promotions, Yoli Romo, the internet radio stations, and radio stations but also my friends, family loved ones. I promise to keep working hard but especially thank you to the fans, I want the people and listeners to know I’m just like them I don’t look at myself as star or above any one, I want the people to know I’m a very humble person and down to earth it’s the Fans and listeners and supporter that make this possible for me to be heard you all mean so much to me, again thank you Alysia for all the support you have shown you have made this memorable for meJ

Angels’ links are!/angel.gonzalez.512

@angel7704 is Twitter

You can message Angel for his phone number if you ever want him to perform or need him for anything.


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